Hello world!

—Hello World!. Tunnel Crossing.WordPress.com is the Word Press account I created for
my Non-Incorporated Company, Business that is requesting that the BC Government
and the Federal Government agree to the building of a Tunnel Crossing, Constitution Tunnel crossing, from
Richmond, Vancouver to Crofton, Vancouver Island. Constitution Tunnel,
Constitution Bridge, Washington
State/Port Renfrew
Bridge, and the RUnnel will connect the
continents. This name is from the Confederation League that each Province had
before it joined into the Federation of Provinces and Territories. At
Confederation a Constitution was made and agreed on according to Rules. New
Brunswick and Prince Edward Island weren’t connected to Vancouver Island, Confederation
Bridge connected Prince Edward Island and Constitution Tunnel will connect
Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island and the Capital, Victoria, British
Columbia. A Bridge would
also be
beautiful and serve the country through each Ministry and Portfolio, with an
Island built with an Undersea Village to serve Canada with a scuba and
Submersible World that families can rent or own and Tourists can travel to like
a Marina with their sailboats and power boats. It will complete The Last Spike
of the Confederation promise from our first Prime Minister, Sir John A.
MacDonald, and the League having a highway and a High Speed Train in
Constitution Tunnel or Constitution Bridge, if the public votes bridge. It will
serve industry and business as well as tourism as Mexico, California, US are connected to Port
Renfrew, Vancouver Island, Canada’s High Speed Rail at a new bridge between
Washington State, US, and Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, Canada. This high
speed rail will be like the new “High Speed Rail California”
travelling at 220 mph and covering our small island like in California 880 mile
connection of medium to large size cities. The Constitution Tunnel will also
connect the new Russian/Alaskan, United States
tunnel, the RUnnel to Vancouver Island
and Tourism and Car and Vehicle Races, Bicycle Tours, Grand Prix, Around the
World Travel Races, Walking, or Running Races, competing with the Balloon Races around the world. Constitution
Tunnel, Constitution Bridge, and the RUnnel will connect the continents.

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