World Landbridge (5) – Bering Strait & Siberia

With the very intitiation of NAWAPA in North America, politically and economically, the land connection of the continents of America and Eurasia is placed on the agenda. The connection via the Bering Strait, a project that was first proposed in the middle of the 19th century, would lead highways and rail track through a tunnel underneath the icy ocean waters, and would include a gas pipeline, as well as power transmission and communications lines.

Construction of the Bering Strait Tunnel is an active agenda of many of the most important nations in that region.

One of the international specialists on planning and constructing infrastructure projects of this scale and kind, is Dr. Hal Cooper. Dr. Cooper has inspired and performed extensive feasibility studies on the rail and tunnel project for the Bering Strait, the rail connections within Alaska and Canada, as well as numerous other projects.

Dr. Sergei Cherkasov is a further international specialist for such projects. Cherkasov works at the State Geological Vernadsky Museum in Moscow, which is part of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is a leading expert on questions of raw materials in the scientific tradition of Vladimir Vernadsky and Dmitri Mendeleyev, and is active in several international working groups on surveying undiscovered mineral deposits.


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