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This is Rogers Waters. I listened to this at my home in NV as I went to college and worked. The picture on the video caught my eye, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa7IhJID6l0&feature=fvwp, it is an eye with a neuro AV system. I looked up government funding and a Duncan lamaze parent had over 1 million dollars in government funding using this system. The couple, his wife said I was like an aboriginal, I said its this programming from HOW, another government funded programming system.

Constitution Tunnel Crossing

<a href="A Simplified 3D Oceanic Model Assimilating Geostrophic Currents: Application to the POMME Experiment” title=”3D Oceanic Model Assimilating Geostrophic Currents “>3D Oceanic Model Assimilating Geostrophic Currents

3D Oceanic Model Assimilating Geostrophic Currents

Journal of Physical Oceanography

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May 1, 2005 | Giordani, Hervé; Caniaux, Guy; Prieur, Louis | Copyrighthttp://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P3-858085241.html



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<a href=”http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P3-858085241.html” title=”A Simplified 3D Oceanic Model Assimilating Geostrophic Currents: Application to the POMME Experiment | HighBeam Research”>A Simplified 3D Oceanic Model Assimilating Geostrophic Currents: Application to the POMME Experiment</a>


A simplified oceanic model is developed to easily perform cheap and realistic mesoscale simulations on an annual scale. This simplified three-dimensional oceanic model is obtained by degenerating the primitive equations system by prescribing…

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Dynamic Developers Join Together: Strait of Georgia Collecting Marine Data

000 Constitution Tunnel Island Product Overview Presentation

Favorable Winds Blow for Offshore Wind Power, Says Frost & Sullivan

Wind energy is the most mature technology among all renewable energy solutions. Finding appropriate sites for developing onshore wind farms might, however, soon pose a challenge due to dense urbanization (especially in western Europe) and concerns about the negative visual impact…

The people of British Columbia, Canada are concerned that large wind turbines will invade the horizon. They don’t want open sea views cluttered with wind turbines and they don’t want the environment changed. The sea is changed every time a wind turbine is installed into the sea bed.

We need clean power, clean energy.  We need a transportation system that connects Vancouver Island to the city Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada.

Most people I have asked said they don’t want people going off the island and they don’t want the island to be an extension of the City of Vancouver, and, they don’t want drug dealers on the island.  This doesn’t make any sense for planned development.  Having a transportation system will allow each town and city to develop in a planned economically and within a planned size. Demographics are  important.  The other reasons are not within the reality of island life.  These people that I asked have planned and voted into government people that would have designated parking lots with painted garbage cans, kids painted, for needles that are given out in schools here.

We need transportation and jobs for everyone. These same people don’t want to give people jobs, they said this, because they would only buy drugs, they are given them.  The jobs they are told to do at the government funded job employment centres is to be a , drug dealer, is to be a prostitute.  They have big names that are wealthy politicians and families Patrick Mullen, Maybe’s, and have religions practicing intimidation through professions, Hay and his partners in realty.  The name that are on the screens of the 1960’s reruns are those people that I have me and are practicing intimidation whenever these political families are spoken of.  They own teen clothes store internationally and are contractors in malls.

We need a transportation system that has a highway and skytrain, high speed rail.  These families have opposed this development since 1960.  Lets build it. Lets get together.