Tunnel Crossing Vancouver 2 Vancouver Island

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Bathymetric survey Dubai Enviro Impacts

Emirates Office Tower These buildings could also support Wind Energy Turbines

Constitution Tunnel and Constittion Island Development will have other Hotel resorts with undersea rooms, suites, convention rooms and Constitution University will also have views like this.  A small island can be developed off the point at Stanley Park, to protect from wave erosion and to proect the Capilano River from deposition as well as wave deposition into Burrard Inlet and under Lions Gate Bridge.  I was under the bridge when an almost super cruise ship started drifting into the shore and almost ran aground.  This was also at the tide change and a few large ships were moving to travel in and out of Burrard Inlet.  Pauline Johnson Island would provide more living area for the Burrard Band and Salish.